Are my brothers and sisters and my children at risk of Diabetes?

risk of Diabetes
[(Frank H. Netter Diabetes and Complications Poster)] [Author: Mark Freeman] published on (December, 2006)

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If you have type 1 diabetes, your first-degree relatives (i.e. mother, father, brother, sister, and your children) are about ten times more likely than the general population to get type 1 diabetes.

The frequency of type 1 diabetes in the general population is about half a percent (i.e., one in two hundred), so the risk in your first-degree relatives is about 5%.

Fortunately, this is not particularly high.

About 90% of cases of type 1 diabetes occur before age 35.

Therefore, the parents of a person with type 1 diabetes are at considerably less, and ever decreasing, risk compared to his or her siblings and children.

The risk of getting type 1 diabetes for an identical twin of a person with type 1 diabetes is 30%.

In the case of type 2 diabetes, the risk is considerably higher.

On average, one out of three of the children of an individual with type 2 diabetes will develop the disease.

Two out of three of the children will develop diabetes when both parents have the disease.That’s because if the two parents are living an unhealthy lifestyle that means the children are too!

The risk of getting type 2 diabetes for an identical twin of a person with type 2 diabetes is 75% because they also would be living an unhealthy lifestyle!

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