Aerobic Exercises For Diabetics

Aerobics Exercise Activity Log Journal

How much exercise is right for you? For people with diabetes thirty minutes of aerobic exercise each day is recommended.

Exercise is so important for people with diabetes that it is recommended that diabetics miss no more than one day of aerobic exercise in a row.

I found that if I missed a day of walking in the countryside around my area I felt more tired and less relaxed as exercise is good for relieving stress!

Today I went for a walk on my usual route where I passed this bolted gateway which I always found interesting and I was eager to explore inside but today it was open for the first time!

I went in and found a lovely hay field where a young man was working!He was doing hard physical work and he looked strong and healthy!

See below a picture of this man and the golden hayfield!


I was wondering do any of you know a secluded place near you where you would like to explore further?

If you have could you please leave a comment below about it and a photo also if you like or email this information to me as it would be interesting!

Exercises for Diabetics

There are many exercises that will benefit people with diabetes. Here are some recommended:

Walking — Because anyone can do it almost anywhere, walking is the most popular exercise and one we highly recommend for people with diabetes. Thirty minutes to one hour of brisk walking, every day is a great, easy way to increase your physical activity.

Today also I came across thistles on my walk which I didnt notice before!

They reminded me of the country where I was born which is Scotland!See a picture of the thistles arent they a nice national emblem!They also reminded me of one of my favourite films which is Braveheart!

Thistles The National Emblem Of Scotland

Why dont we all leave a comment down below about our national emblem and a photo if you have one,also let me know what is your favourite film and why?

Dancing —Dancing is not only great for your body. The mental work to remember dance steps and sequences actually boosts brain power and improves memory.  For those with diabetes, it is a fun and exciting way to increase physical activity, promote weight loss, improve flexibility, lower blood sugar and reduce stress.

Chair dancing, which incorporates the use of a chair to support people with limited physical abilities, makes dancing an option for many people. In just 30 minutes, a 150-pound adult can burn up to 150 calories.

Swimming 101: The Fitness Benefits

Swimming — Swimming stretches and relaxes your muscles and doesn’t put pressure on your joints, which is great for people with diabetes. For those with diabetes or at risk for developing diabetes, studies show it improves cholesterol levels, burns calories and lowers stress levels.

To get the most benefit from swimming, its recommended that you swim at least five  times a week for at least twenty minutes and gradually increase the length of the workout. Make sure to have a snack and monitor blood sugar levels. Lastly, let the lifeguard know that you have diabetes before you get in the pool!

3 Unusual Exercises That Improve Control Over Your Core And Body

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