Exciting New Ways That Tech Can Help Manage Diabetes by Donna Erickson

Guest Post by Donna Erickson

Exciting New Ways That Tech Can Help Manage Diabetes

Planning and organization are important for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, and for those with diabetes, the need is that much greater. After all, diabetes and heart disease almost always go hand in hand. Nothing can replace a knowledgeable medical team and regular check-ups, but there are some ways to improve the self-management portion of diabetes care with a little help from some new tech. Let’s take a look at some affordable technology that can help you or your loved one manage.

Smart Pens

Insulin pens have been on the market since 1985 and have made diabetes management more practical and accessible when compared to using syringes. Now, Glooco explains this game-changing technology is even more sophisticated with the introduction of smartpens. Smartpens, like the InPen, help track and record data based on the use of a smart insulin pen and a connected app. The range of options and capabilities will depend on the type of pen you purchase and the plan you choose. However, any choice will make the process of taking insulin easier.

In general, smart pens offer a variety of different features such as dose calculation and reminders, as well as tracking and reporting data in the form of easy-to-read graphs and charts. Some have the ability to share data with select parties, such as a doctor or trusted family member, at the user’s discretion. Innovations like these help reduce human error, such as losing track of doses or miscalculations, so you can feel more secure in your diabetes care.

Virtual Coaching

Between doctor visits, it may be useful to have a little extra support and guidance when it comes to diet, exercise, glucose monitoring, and more. That’s where virtual coaching comes in. Virtual coaching services for diabetes can help you or your loved one better understand and manage diabetes.

Professional coaches can guide you through ways you can take control and make informed decisions on various day-to-day choices. They can guide you in learning more about how different foods affect blood sugar, help with counting carbs, and do meal plans and meal analysis.

Exercise is another aspect of cardiovascular health and diabetes management, and a virtual diabetes coach can help with that, as well. Depending on which service you choose, there may even be an all-in-one option that would combine just about everything you need to aid with at-home diabetes management.

Fitness Trackers and Apps

Fitness trackers, such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch, have been growing in popularity, and as the technology advances, they are becoming even more helpful tools not just for tracking steps and activity levels, but other useful health metrics. The Fitbit performs functions such as sleep tracking, activity tracking, and heart rate monitoring. If you want something a little more low profile, the Motiv Ring tracks heart rate, physical activities, and sleep cycles all in a tiny device you can wear on a single finger.

Your own smartphone can also help you stay healthy in many ways. There’s no shortage of apps that you can install to stay on top of your blood sugar levels, heart rate, and other necessary parameters. Fitness apps that help you get a workout whenever and wherever you can are also varied and plenty. Get a handy stand to mount your phone with ease, and you’ll have fewer excuses to get moving.

Tech can help you stay on top of diabetes, your heart health, and more in exciting ways. With the help of new gadgets and apps right at our fingertips, health management is easier, safer, and more convenient than ever before. With a little extra support from coaches, trackers, and smart pens, you can spend less time worrying about diabetes and its complications, and spend more time doing what you love.

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