My child has diabetes and is about to start school. What steps should I take and how will the school help to ensure that things go well?


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Nowadays, diabetes alone seldom prevents children from attending and participating fully in school activities, although special attention is required in certain circumstances.

Fortunately, most children at the age of school entry have, by virtue of their age, not had diabetes for very long.

Therefore, they rarely have chronic complications and their glucose control is more straightforward.

For your child’s teachers, whose primary role is education unrelated to diabetes, a diabetic child can be a challenge .

Therefore, preparation is the key. It is important to provide the school with a daily plan describing the way your child’s diabetes is managed, so they know what to expect as routine.

It is important to inform the school how things may present themselves when things go wrong.

How does your child’s diabetes respond when he or she is under the weather, under stress, or following strenuous sports activities? What behavior does he or she show when low blood sugar occurs?

All these things should be written down and put in a folder for your child’s school nurse and teacher.

A meeting with the teacher prior to your child entering their class will help to smooth the way.


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