Can a person have both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes at the same time?

latent autoimmune diabetes

Diabetes: Learn About Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Diabetics Handy Guide to Diabetes

I have Type 1 diabetes and have had it for many years!

My father also had Type 1 diabetes,his name was Jamieson Hughes but everyone called him Jed Hughes!

He was a lovely man and I loved him a lot!

We were very close especially after my mother Mary died of Breast Cancer.

She and my father were very close,they were like two peas in a pod!

I loved them both very much,just like everyone else I thought I was very lucky to have such great parents!

My parents were very kind people and didnt like to gossip!

I thought the world of them,they gave me and my twin sister Joan and my brother Jamieson a very happy childhood!

Every Saturday when we lived in Scotland,they uesd to take us out to different places,we were taken to Glasgow,East Kilbride,Wishaw market and Edinburgh for new clothes regularly!

We went to the funfair parks a lot like the one in Tramore,for example we went to Butlins and Hamilton Funfair Park a lot!

We often were taken to the theatre to see The Andrew Brothers and Val Doonican!

Also we went to the cinema to see all different types of children films,such as Elvis Presley films,cartoons such as Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck,Tom and Jerry,Road Runner and Top Cat!

My favourite type of films were the films about animals such as Born Free,Swiss Family Robinson and Jungle Book!

A lot of Saturday mornings my father Jed took us to Strahaven swimming baths!

The primary school we attended was in Strahaven and me and my sister Joan went to Holy Cross High School when we got older!

Me and my sister and brother enjoyed watching Wimbledon every year,we played tennis with our friends in the car park near our house in Merrick Drive in Stonehouse!

When we were younger we played hopscotch and rounders in the field behind our house!

All the girls at school owned a skipping rope and we use to see who could skip the fastest!

My sister and I had orange scooters which we loved and my sister was more confident than me at going fast,I was a bit slow!

The three of us had good bikes which our parents bought for us at Christmas time and we enjoyed riding them everywhere!

Every year in Stonehouse there was the Carnival Queen Festival and one year me and my sister were indians in one of the floats!

Joan was a squaw and I was an indian mother holding a baby!

Do they still do the Stonehouse Carnival Queen I would love to know?

My brother Jamieson was good at different types of sports such as swimming,badmington,netball,soccer,basketball and tennis!

He was and still is a great man for the sports especially basketball!

In the wintertime there was a lot of snow in Scotland and the roads were always gritted not like here in Ireland!

We enjoyed making snowmen, building igloos and having snowball fights!

At Christmas time my father and mother use to take us into Glasgow to see the Christmas lights and we use to love that!

How about you do you have any childhood memories you would like to share!

If so I would love to hear them,please put them in the comment section below or you could email me them!

Generally speaking, we do not diagnose both Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes in the same individual.

If people have type 1 diabetes, they are completely lacking insulin as the pancreas no longer produces it.

This is not the case in people with type 2 diabetes.Type 2 diabetes is because of insulin resistance only.

If people with type 1 diabetes gain weight, become sedentary, or are members of an ethnic group at high risk for type 2 diabetes, they may become insulin resistant and their diabetes will be more difficult to control.

Higher doses of insulin will be required and they may develop the same problems that tend to be associated with type 2 diabetes, such as cholesterol and high blood pressure.These will add to their risk of cardiovascular disease.

People with Type 2 diabetes cant get Type 1 diabetes because their pancreas is still working and it still produces insulin.


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