How Can Stress affect Your Diabetes?


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The perception of stress differs greatly among individuals. What one person may perceive as stressful, another may not. For this reason, stress is quite hard to measure in real-life situations.

The best thing that one can do when one is talking about stress is to not worry too much about anything especially about small things!

I think I worry a lot about everything especially the small stuff like what to get someone for their birthday,where to buy it and wether they will like the present or not!

I also worry about hurting people’s feelings,I am an awful worrier!

I worry about this website a lot especially if I make a mistake like technical errors or mathematical errors!

Do you worry about things a lot if so I would love to hear about them!

I hope you like this website I would be very unhappy if you didn’t.You see I worry about everything!

I hope you dont worry as much as I do!

The think is even social occasions I find stressful!Such as a birthday party I find it hard to know what to say to people then I get all anxious!

How about you do you have the same problem or is it just me?

I hope you dont think I am going on too much about this it’s just I really would like to know do other people get stressed out as much as I do?

Maybe this is the reason I enjoy working on this website because I feel comfortable doing it,it doesn’t involve much face to face interaction!

Another thing I worry about is my looks,I dont know why because I am not bad looking.Some people even think I am good looking but I hate getting my photo taken and I avoid the camera like the plague!

I wish people would understand when I dont want my photo taken it isn’t because I am vain it is because I am insecure!

I am not sure wether I should have wrote this or not because I dont think everyone knows this about me.

Do you think that everyone is insecure when it comes to their looks or is it just me?

I hope you all like this article and give me some feedback as it would really help me and others like me who worry about everything!

The thing is people are really nice when you get to know them that’s what I think anyway it just takes time!

Stress affects your blood sugar levels in a number of ways such as it causes high blood sugar levels.

Stress makes me feel thirsty and gives me a headache!

Stress is not very nice it can lead to a lot of complications such as diabetic retinopathy,heart disease,hyperglycemia(high blood sugar levels),kidney disease and a lot of other chronic illnesses.

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