How does my doctor confirm the Diagnosis of Diabetes?


Atlas Diabetes Check Test – Bundle of 2 Boxes includes 2 Tests per Box

My father Jed as you know from previous articles had Type 1 diabetes and one time he was admitted to hospital because of it!

I was in a bit of a panic and I talked to my project leader at the time, a nice lady called Ethel Ryan,to see wether I could get time off to look after my father as I thought he would be weak and tired after his stay in hospital.

She was very kind and straight way said I could take all the time I needed!

I think that was very accomodating of her as we were very busy at the time with an important project going on in our Stability Group!

It meant a lot to me as I was very worried about my father and it was a very nice thing to say!

How about you have you experienced any nice gestures during your life,if so I would love to hear them!

Your doctor will perform one of the standard measurements for the diagnosis of diabetes approved by the accepted authoritative body in whichever part of the world you live.

Your doctor may ask you to fast prior to doing a blood test or he or she may perform a standard 2-hour test known as the oral glucose tolerance test.

The test that measures the average blood glucose over the past 3 months (the Hemoglobin A1c or HbA1c test) has become a standard test for detection and diagnosis of diabetes.

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes it is a lifelong condition.It can be difficult to accept initially as you have to follow a healthy lifestyle and monitor your blood glucose levels regularly.

Some people have to use an insulin pump and that can be life altering especially for young people!

When a women gets pregnant she has to undergo a test for Type 2 diabetes in her second trimester that is eight weeks into her pregnancy.

This involves an initial 1-hour screening test for which fasting is not required.

If the screening test is positive, it is followed by a more detailed 3-hour test for which prior fasting is necessary.

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