What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes: Diabetes, Causes, Symptoms & Effects and How To Manage It For A Healthy, Successful Life (Diabetes, Diabetes Diet, Diabetes Type 2, Insulin)

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The typical symptoms of diabetes occur because of high levels of glucose in the bloodstream and its passage into the urine and other tissues.

The symptoms are  frequent urination and thirst.

Thirst arises as a result of the dehydration caused by the frequent urination. Dehydration and urination lead to weight loss and hunger.

7 Most Common Symptoms of Diabetes

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When these symptoms are prolonged and severe, as is typical with Type 1 diabetes, serious changes occur due to the deficiency of insulin.

Those changes, coupled with dehydration, result in dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, and ultimately coma, which if untreated can lead to death.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, when severe and inadequately treated, can be associated with coma and death.

One out of every four people believed to have diabetes is unaware of it and is undiagnosed.

Diabetes of even moderate severity can lead to complications and shorten lifespan.

Some people with diabetes may not have any symptoms from elevated blood sugar.

In fact, one of every three people admitted with a sudden heart attack is found to have diabetes or prediabetes of which he or she or the doctor was unaware.

Neuropathy is present in two of every five patients with type 2 diabetes at the time of diagnosis, while eye damage (retinopathy) is present in one of every five and kidney damage (nephropathy) is present in one in ten, indicating that the diabetes was ongoing for many months or even years before diagnosis.

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