My doctor says that I need to start insulin. If I do, will I ever get off it?

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Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin–Completely Revised and Updated

My sister and brother in law are very nice people!June is the inspiration behind me taking all the photos for this diabetes site as her sister Elaine was getting married and June needed some of her childhood photos scanned and printed so they could use them for Elaine’s hen night!

So June called to my house one Wednesday afternoon and I helped her scan and print them!

This gave me an idea for this site that it would be good to include photos that I take myself and upload them onto the different posts and articles!

Do you think this is a good idea?

I was present at Michael’s and June’s wedding and I thought June looked a very pretty blushing bride and Elaine looked really lovely too in a beautiful lilac bridesmaid dress!

Michael and June looked really great on their wedding day!

They got married in Ardfinnan Church and had their reception in the Minella Hotel in Clonmel!

I saw some photos of Elaine’s wedding day and herself and her husband Barry looked smashing!

My wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life,nothing funny really happened though,it was fairly stress free!

Did anything funny happen on your wedding day if so I would love to hear it!

People with Type 1 diabetes who have received either a pancreas transplant or a pancreatic islet cell transplant can stop using insulin.

This procedure is still considered an experimental therapy.

Although they eliminate the need for insulin injections, these procedures should not be undertaken lightly, because they are associated with a lifelong need for powerful immunosuppressive (antirejection) drugs that can cause serious side effects.

It is possible for a person with type 2 diabetes to discontinue insulin if the person follows a healthy diet and regular exercise routines!

Pre And Post Workout Snacks

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