I am afraid that my diabetes treatment will cause me to gain weight. How can I prevent this?

diabetes treatment will cause me to gain weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?: Is Your Weight Gain a Symptom of a Hidden Health Problem?

Some types of medication for diabetes do tend to lead to weight gain.

This is especially true of the classes of medications known as thiazolidinediones, sulfonylureas and meglitinides.

These types of medications all have proven effectiveness in lowering blood sugar and controlling diabetes but people could stop using them by following a healthy lifestyle.

As weight gain is definitely an undesirable side effect associated with them.

People should be more aware of the benefits of healthy eating and exercise routines!

I find that eating more homegrown organic produce is a lot more beneficial to my health than a lot of the high carbohydrate food that I use to eat!

I think that people think that processed food is good for them such as takeaways and ready made meals but I know for a fact that they arent they are full of unhealthy fats,high in carbohydrates and low in fibre and vitamins and minerals!

A lot of times it is a lot more expensive than the healthy food and you can buy a lot more food in the supermarket for what you would pay for a takeaway especially when you are feeding a  family!

The most important thing to remember about processed food is it’s responsible for many illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes,heart disease,strokes and cancers!

So if I was you I would stay away from them as much as possible,it’s alright now and then to have a takeaway as a treat,maybe just once a month that’s what I do!

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