What information should I bring to my doctor to help him or her manage my Diabetes with me?


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One time many years ago when I was working in Teva Pharmaceuticals in their Research And Development Department,Mary Phelan a very nice lady,helped me out of an awkward situation!

My husband Brendan was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes so he had to be admitted to hospital for a week.

She was very lenient on me and allowed me to leave early that week so was my project leader at the time Shane McKeon,in order that I could go to the hospital after work to visit my sick husband!

I think that kind gestures like what Mary and Shane did deserve praise dont you!

Did you ever have anyone do anything kind for you if so please leave a comment below or email me!

The most important pieces of information that you can bring to your doctor are the results of your home glucose testing (and preferably your glucose monitor, also) and an updated list of the medications you are currently taking, not only for diabetes, but for other medical problems as well.

The glucose testing results are important because they reflect the most current state of control of your blood sugar.

Also, if you are taking your glucose tests at various times of day, your log will show where you are best controlled and where you are not so well controlled, which allows your doctor to recommend the most effective adjustment to your treatment, or to suggest factors that might be influencing your sugar levels.

It is important that you bring your glucose monitor with you in case their is a problem with it .

Also, the information in it can often be downloaded into the clinic computer and analyzed in a number of ways to show trends and patterns that can be very helpful.

When you keep a record of your readings, it is much better to enter them into one of the commercially available logbooks designed for the purpose than to write them down one after the other on a sheet of paper, which often makes them quite hard to follow and understand.

The importance of the list of your current medications and dosages is that your doctor can only safely make adjustments to your medicines (for diabetes and other related conditions) in light of accurate knowledge of what you are presently taking.

This includes herbs, supplements, and alternative medicines.

Also Refer to our article Using Herbal Remedies Safely!


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