It may take as long as a year to come to terms with diabetes. If you’re feeling low, try not to let negative feelings interfere with taking care of your health. Here are some strategies to keep them in check:

Educate Yourself:

The more you learn, the more empowered you’ll feel. The diagnosis doesn’t mean life is over. You can begin an even better life that includes taking better care of yourself and understanding your body.

Open Up to Family and Friends:

Rather than shutting out people who care, invite them to support groups. Involve your family and friends in your diabetes care. Let them know how you’re feeling. Tell them that if you seem angry sometimes, it may be due to your own frustration. Give them articles to read.

Assemble a Solid Health-Care Team:

Find a doctor, dietitian, pharmacist, diabetes educator, and others who make you feel comfortable about sharing your feelings.

Set Realistic Goals:

Unattainable objectives just set you up for disappointment. In trying to live a healthier lifestyle, do the best you can and accept that you won’t hit 100 percent every time.

Focus on the Positive:

Rather than dwell on the prospect of developing complications someday, consider the healthful behaviors you’re learning and how those new habits will help you lose weight or boost your confidence and keep you from developing complications.

Get Involved:

Volunteer for a diabetes-related event. These activities are therapeutic and encourage positive thinking, instead of the ‘poor me, not me’ mantra .Being around people who have diabetes will help you share your feelings, plus you may pick up tips.

Get Help if You Need It

If strong negative emotions linger for more than a year or affect how you function overall, you may need help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Ask your doctor to give you a referral.

You can overcome negative feelings by reading a positive  book about diabetes. Talking about your feelings with close friends, joining a discussion website on the Internet like this site.

The more educated you become about the disease, the more you can do  to improve your health, Diabetes is something you can control.