What is Diabetic Nephropathy?


Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is the term used to describe kidney damage that occurs in diabetes, usually of longstanding.

The damage to the kidney in diabetes can result from the high blood sugar levels.

Diabetic Nephropathy is very prevalent in diabetics and in those people who are prone to kidney infections especially those people who have weak immune systems.

It is most prevalent among people who have poor diabetic control and those people who dont check their blood sugar levels regularly and follow a healthy diet and participate in regular exercise!

It is important to remember that plenty of fruit and vegetables are essential and herbs and seasoning like parsley are great for the kidneys!

The best thing about parsley is you can use it in a variety of dishes like salads and stews!

I love parsley and always have some in salads in the summertime!

My homegrown parsley!

People would be surprised that kidney damage can affect blood pressure as well!

The blood pressure can rise due to overload of fluid and constriction of small blood vessels.

The rise in blood pressure further damages the kidneys if not treated.

Eventually, the kidneys can fail and their functions must be replaced by the processes of either hemodialysis (blood filtering and removal of wastes through a machine) or peritoneal dialysis (a simpler process whereby wastes are exchanged into fluids introduced into the abdominal cavity), or a kidney transplant is required.

Although complete kidney failure is not a common outcome in diabetes . Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney failure in adults.

Kidney failure is extremely disruptive to the person’s life.

However, it can be delayed or even prevented.

Good control of blood sugar and blood pressure, together with use of certain types of drugs known as ACE-inhibitors  has been shown to markedly slow progression of diabetic kidney damage.

Moreover, it can be detected very early by sensitive tests performed before diagnosis .

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