Is there a particular type of diet that will reduce my chance of Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes
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The most important aspect of any diet to prevent Type 2 diabetes is its calorie (i.e., energy) content.

A diet that matches calorie consumption with energy output is the key to prevention of overweight and obesity and therefore diabetes.

If one is already overweight, then the diet should provide fewer calories than are required, so that energy will be drawn from the body’s fat stores and gradual weight loss will occur.

Even modest weight loss can be very beneficial.

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Food intake needs to match calorie output.

Very calorie dense foods, such as those with a high fat content (e.g fried foods and processed meats) are common components of diets that lead to weight gain, obesity, and ultimately Type 2 diabetes.

Although sugar itself does not cause diabetes, foods with a high content of refined sugar, such as sodas and candies, are also more likely to be associated with weight gain and Type 2 diabetes than those with natural sugars such as fruit.

Studies have shown that diets high in grain and fiber tend to be associated with a lower frequency of  Type 2 diabetes.

This is because fibre is a slow releasing carbohydrate wheras other diets are fast releasing so they release energy quickly which results in spikes in blood sugar levels!

The rise in type 2 diabetes is clearly linked to weight gain (with some population groups being more susceptible than others) rather than relying on a specific type of diet, the  focus should remain on eating a healthy diet with smaller portions and maintaining a healthy weight!

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