I have a strong family history of diabetes. How often should I be checked for it?


Hormones,Our Family History and Diabetes in Pregnancy: Genetics and Biochemistry in the Black Womb

The frequency with which you should be checked for diabetes depends upon your degree of risk, your age, and lifestyle factors.

Even if you have a strong family history of Type 1 diabetes, your risk of developing it is still only about 5% and is much lower after the age of 35.

Furthermore, Type 1 diabetes usually presents with obvious symptoms such as thirst,vaginal and genital infections,tiredness and vision problems .

For Type 1 diabetes it is important that everyone gets screened regularly even though this does not occur in most countries.

As you get older, especially if you get more sedentary and gain weight then regular screening is necessary at least once a year for Type 2 diabetes.

In general, all pregnant women should be screened for gestational diabetes at the eight week period of pregnancy.


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