Exciting New Ways That Tech Can Help Manage Diabetes by Donna Erickson

Guest Post by Donna Erickson

Exciting New Ways That Tech Can Help Manage Diabetes

Planning and organization are important for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, and for those with diabetes, the need is that much greater. After all, diabetes and heart disease almost always go hand in hand. Nothing can replace a knowledgeable medical team and regular check-ups, but there are some ways to improve the self-management portion of diabetes care with a little help from some new tech. Let’s take a look at some affordable technology that can help you or your loved one manage.

Smart Pens

Insulin pens have been on the market since 1985 and have made diabetes management more practical and accessible when compared to using syringes. Now, Glooco explains this game-changing technology is even more sophisticated with the introduction of smartpens. Smartpens, like the InPen, help track and record data based on the use of a smart insulin pen and a connected app. The range of options and capabilities will depend on the type of pen you purchase and the plan you choose. However, any choice will make the process of taking insulin easier.

In general, smart pens offer a variety of different features such as dose calculation and reminders, as well as tracking and reporting data in the form of easy-to-read graphs and charts. Some have the ability to share data with select parties, such as a doctor or trusted family member, at the user’s discretion. Innovations like these help reduce human error, such as losing track of doses or miscalculations, so you can feel more secure in your diabetes care.

Virtual Coaching

Between doctor visits, it may be useful to have a little extra support and guidance when it comes to diet, exercise, glucose monitoring, and more. That’s where virtual coaching comes in. Virtual coaching services for diabetes can help you or your loved one better understand and manage diabetes.

Professional coaches can guide you through ways you can take control and make informed decisions on various day-to-day choices. They can guide you in learning more about how different foods affect blood sugar, help with counting carbs, and do meal plans and meal analysis.

Exercise is another aspect of cardiovascular health and diabetes management, and a virtual diabetes coach can help with that, as well. Depending on which service you choose, there may even be an all-in-one option that would combine just about everything you need to aid with at-home diabetes management.

Fitness Trackers and Apps

Fitness trackers, such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch, have been growing in popularity, and as the technology advances, they are becoming even more helpful tools not just for tracking steps and activity levels, but other useful health metrics. The Fitbit performs functions such as sleep tracking, activity tracking, and heart rate monitoring. If you want something a little more low profile, the Motiv Ring tracks heart rate, physical activities, and sleep cycles all in a tiny device you can wear on a single finger.

Your own smartphone can also help you stay healthy in many ways. There’s no shortage of apps that you can install to stay on top of your blood sugar levels, heart rate, and other necessary parameters. Fitness apps that help you get a workout whenever and wherever you can are also varied and plenty. Get a handy stand to mount your phone with ease, and you’ll have fewer excuses to get moving.

Tech can help you stay on top of diabetes, your heart health, and more in exciting ways. With the help of new gadgets and apps right at our fingertips, health management is easier, safer, and more convenient than ever before. With a little extra support from coaches, trackers, and smart pens, you can spend less time worrying about diabetes and its complications, and spend more time doing what you love.

For more insightful articles, resources, and advice, visit Diabetes Support Site.




The Positive Effects Of Nature

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban settings, and that is forecast to rise to 70 percent within a few decades. Just as urbanization and disconnection from nature have grown dramatically, so have mental disorders such as depression.

In fact, city dwellers have a 20 percent higher risk of anxiety disorders and a 40 percent higher risk of mood disorders as compared to people in rural areas. People born and raised in cities are twice as likely to develop schizophrenia.

With the vast range of therapeutic tools and techniques at our disposal, mental health practitioners often overlook a key resource that has a multitude of mental, emotional and cognitive benefits, is generally accessible to most people, and doesn’t cost a thing: the great outdoors.

As humans become less connected with nature, we lose an essential health buffer. There is mounting evidence that contact with nature has significant positive impacts on mental health.

Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

In addition, nature helps us cope with pain. Because we are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water, and other nature elements engrossing, we are absorbed by nature scenes and distracted from our pain and discomfort.

Nature deprivation,a lack of time in the natural world, largely due to hours spent in front of TV or computer screens, has been associated, unsurprisingly, with depression.

In addition to nature’s calming effect on depression symptoms, being outdoors gives you a great excuse to exercise, another important way to help manage depression. While exercise boosts endorphins — natural body chemicals that elicit sensations of pleasure — exercising outdoors can improve self-esteem and reduce feelings of depression, anger, and tension.

So couple the effects of exercise with the mood-boosting properties of the great outdoors, and you’ll address your body’s physical and emotional needs!

I visited two beautiful gardens this week situated near Carlow town about a hours drive from my home in Mooncoin county Kilkenny in Ireland.

Altamont Gardens are an enchanting blend of formal and informal gardens with riverside walks covering over 40
acres (16 hectares).

Lawns bisected by sculpted yews, slope down to a lake surrounded by rare trees and rhododendrons and lead in turn to a very different garden featuring exotic shrubs and trees.


A fascinating walk through the Arboretum, Bog Garden and Ice Age Glen with its canopy of ancient oaks and huge stone outcrops leads me to the River Slaney.


Every element you want from a great garden is here, from lovely lawns, floral beds and beautiful woodland going down to the river, to a walled garden!

Deep in the woods, away from the traffic noise, all you feel is the exertion, your breathing, and the elements around you. It’s impossible to be distracted by your everyday worries and concerns.

If you dwell on your problems like I do and just can’t stop, a walk  in a beautiful garden might put the brakes on the thought train circling through your head. Research shows that a 90-minute walk in nature lowers activity in the part of the brain linked to negative rumination.

Just off the main street of the charming Carlow village of Clonegall, you can discover Huntington Castle; still the home of the family whose ancestors constructed the castle centuries before.

Huntington Castle, is set in over 160 acres of gardens, woodland and farmland.

The castle features a fascinating guided tour which explains its 17th century history.


The tour also features the world famous Temple of Goddess located in the old castle dungeons.


The castle offers a fabulous woodland playground, as well as a charming tearoom and gift shop.

The gardens are well worth a visit in their own right and were mainly laid out in the 17th century by the Esmondes who built Huntington Castle in 1625.

They include the French limes on the avenue as well as the formal lawns to the side of the house, fish ponds on either side of the centre walk and the yew tree walk.

Do you have any stunning castles near you if you do please share some photos as everyone would love to see them😍

Being outside helps clear my head, lift my spirits, and increase my focus on the present moment.Being near water is particularly healing for me. I notice all my problems seem lighter and less stressful.


Absorb nature with all of your senses. Listen to the birds, smell freshly cut grass, dip your toes in a pond or stream. If you usually exercise in a gym, try taking your workout outside — go for a walk, a run, a hike, or a bike ride. Head outside to have lunch or dinner!

At times, I feel lost, and begin to wonder what life is all about. A dose of nature reminds me just how wondrous the world is. Nature provides trees that were hundreds of years old before I was even born!

When it comes to awe-inspiring awesomeness, nature leaves our jaws dropping and spines tingling, and rekindles the realization that we’re a tiny part of an incredible universe. What’s more powerful than that?

One of the most basic human needs is to feel that you belong and you’re part of a larger tribe. But studies show that this concept goes beyond human relationships alone. Time in nature results in a sense of belonging to the wider world that is vital for mental health.

Alongside daily reports about COVID-19’s spread, so too are there growing concerns about the strain of lockdown, isolation, fear and grief on our mental well-being!

For those who cannot get out, studies make clear that views of nature, caring for plants and even digital images of nature can have positive impacts on stress. People recover from illness faster when they can see green space due to increased positive feelings, reduced fear and eased pain!

Next time you’re outside, see and listen to nature, from the birds singing their own special tunes to bright green buds that will turn to leaves adorning branches. In difficult times like these, life is everywhere!


If you can’t go outside because of your health or other reasons, many zoos and conservation organizations are streaming videos to let you enjoy wildlife and the outdoors from the comfort of your home! 

If you have any nature videos you would like to share or photos of your beautiful country please post them in the comment section below or send me an email!

With all of the issues and restrictions of life caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we need something that reduces our stress, lowers our blood pressure, stimulates our immune system, and improves our mood more than ever before. It’s time to get outside! 

When you’re outside, follow the CDC’s recommended guidelines on protecting yourself, such as keeping at least a six-foot distance from other people, avoiding high-touch areas such as playgrounds, not touching your face, and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds as soon as you get back home! 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, why not take some time out of your day to get it in good condition by adding some plants and decking, so you can sit outside and enjoy the summer in style!
Breaking your day up from working indoors with spending quality family time in the garden during your dinner hour or after work will work wonders for you during these difficult times!
Brendan my husband thought now was the perfect opportunity to insulate and spray paint a new dog shed for our dogs Bruno, Hachi and Elvis as the old shed was falling apart!
Brendan cut the perfect size exit for our biggest dog Hachi
Brendan covered all the inside of the dog shed with silver insulating material
Then Brendan put plywood on all of the walls and roof of the dog shed

I think he did a fantastic job and our three dogs have a lovely safe warm secure shed now ❤️

How about you I bet you completed some great DIY jobs yourself during this pandemic.

It would be great if you would share your work with photos or videos in the comment section below 😊

When Brendan was doing his DIY work on the dog shed I worked in our polytunnel so we tackled two jobs at once and we both enjoyed working outdoors in the fresh air!
Your self-esteem increases when you spend time with friends and family doing different outdoor
Sunlight boosts your Vitamin D levels. The more the Vitamin D your body gets, the stronger its immune system becomes!
On top of that, being with outdoor plants helps you get the health benefits of the phytoncides and other organic compounds that plants produce. These compounds boost immune function in humans!

If you have any information,questions, or feedback you would like to include in this post.

Please email momo19@diabetessupportsite.com or leave your comments below.



How To Be Happy With Diabetes

Express Gratitude.
Express Gratitude, Experience Good: A Daily Gratitude Journal

1. Express Gratitude.

Counting your blessings can take your mind out of the default negative-thinking mode and help you practice positivity.

Before you get out of bed each morning thinks of things you are grateful for.

Focus away from what your chronic condition is taking out of your life and toward what’s possible.

Start the day by asking yourself: “What’s new today? What can I do today that I didn’t do yesterday?”

People who keep “gratitude journals” feel more optimism and greater satisfaction with their lives.

And research shows that writing a “gratitude letter or card” to someone you’ve never properly thanked brings a major boost of happiness.

2.Forgive Others And Wish Others Well

Forgive Others And Wish Others Well
iPhone 4 4S Case OOFIT Phone Hard Case **NEW** Case with Design Always Be Honest Count Your Blessing Bear Each Other’S Burdens Forgive And Forget- Bible Family Rules – Case for Apple iPhone 4/4s by supermalls

The mind’s natural inclination is toward negative thinking, so you have little head space for positive emotions. Hanging on to old hurts leaves you even less room for optimism.

Your health will thank you: Holding on to anger lets negative emotions fester, resulting in a stress reaction that can worsen your health.

Forgiveness can reduce stress, improve your blood pressure, help you sleep better, and lower your heart rate.

That’s why it’s so important to forgive others and then use the freed-up energy for gratitude, kindness, and other positive thoughts.

Give up grudges,  when we forgive those who have wronged us, we feel better about ourselves, experience more positive emotions, and feel closer to others.

Studies show that people who practice mindfulness,the moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and external circumstances,not only have stronger immune systems but are more likely to be happy and enjoy greater life satisfaction, and they are less likely to be hostile or anxious.

Just like making a mental list of all you’re grateful for, mentally wishing others well during the day helps you avoid a wandering mind and the pessimistic thinking that follows.

The reality is, for every person you see, that person is silently struggling with something in their head,wish that person well!

3. Show Kindness

Show Kindness

Learning to Be Kind: Over 300 Ways to Be Kind & Show Appreciation

Don’t overlook small acts of kindness.

Even something as apparently insignificant as holding the door for the person behind you can improve your mood.

Little things are big things.

People report greater happiness when they spend money on others than when they spend it on themselves, even though they initially think the opposite would be true.

When we do nice things for others, our brains light up in areas associated with pleasure and reward.

Small kindnesses can improve your whole self-esteem, your sense of who you are rises a bit.

You also feel like if you help someone else, you can help yourself!

4. Cultivate Relationships

Consciously surround yourself with friends and family, and grow those relationships,even if it seems like work.

It’s easy to take the people in our lives for granted, but paying attention to the important people in your life can improve your mental health.

Social connections are key to happiness.

Studies show that close relationships, including romantic relationships, are especially important, suggesting we should make time for those closest to us,people in whom we can confide and who’ll support us when we’re down.

5. Go Outdoors

For a quick pick-me-up, step outside.

It is very important for everyone to go outside and enjoy nature everyday!

Nature has a way of uplifting the spirits and making life seem wonderful and magical!

It is a lovely sunny February day here in Mooncoin County Kilkenny so I went for a walk today to a local beauty spot which is a favourite of mine!

This beauty spot is a great place for fishing and relaxing!

See below a selection of lovely pictures of my favourite beauty spot!

I enjoyed relaxing in the warm sun and looking at the waves dancing and shimmering!

How about you what is your favourite beauty spot?

I would love to here about them why dont you leave a comment and photos below or email me,it would be great to share beauty spots from all over the world!

Nature is a mood enhancer, scientists are finding evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increase our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people.

Our culture propagates the harmful myth that we should strive to be as comfortable as possible, to make life as pleasurable as possible, and to resist hardship as much as possible.

Nature calls you back to reality. You can’t stop it from raining.

You can’t delay the setting sun. You can’t set the temperature to a comfortable 70 degrees.

You awake from a dream and realize how little control you really have.

You remember that hardship and lack of control are part of life, and accepting this reality makes it not only bearable, but possible to feel the joy of being alive.

When you behold the beauty of nature,you remember that you are connected to all living things.

You feel that you belong to this Earth. That you are part of the community of nature.

You feel comfortable in your own skin, you experience your own quiet peace and strength.

For people suffering from physical illness or mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, interacting with nature can help people control their symptoms or even recover, alongside conventional medication.

Feeling a part of nature has been shown to significantly correlate with life satisfaction, vitality, meaningfulness, happiness, mindfulness, and lower cognitive anxiety.

For more great Health and Nutrition Tips refer to the website positivehealthwellness.com

6 Science-Backed Reasons Outdoor Exercise Is So Much Better For You

We keep learning about how important vitamin D is for health, including preventing cancer, hormonal problems, obesity, and inflammation, and having a strong immune system.

Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, plays a major role in helping to keep your bones and teeth healthy but did you know that low levels of vitamin D can cause depressive symptoms and a low mood?

Because sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, it means spending more time  outside would increase your vitamin D intake.

It’s very common to have depression if you have vitamin D deficiency…so get outside and soak up those rays!

Being in a natural setting can also help increase your quality of sleep, as studies show that natural sunlight helps set the body’s internal clock that tells us when to eat and sleep.

And we all know how important sleep is not just for our health, but even for weight loss.

Research has consistently linked lower sleep to lower happiness.

Most of us spend too much time in front of screens and too little time outdoors. It’s time to fall back in love with nature!

6. Expand your knowledge

You are probably living in your comfort zone, as we all do.

When you are acting within your comfort zone, your learning and development opportunities are limited as you are likely to be doing something that you are already comfortable in doing.

However, if you want to realise your full potential, you need to stretch, grow, learn and develop.

To do this, you need to consciously make decisions to step outside of your comfort zone and take on new challenges and experiences.

If you do today what you have always done, then tomorrow you will get what you have always gotten.

By learning new skills you open up new opportunities that might not have been available to you before. Learning empowers you and helps you achieve your aspirations and career goals.

By discovering things you’re good at and expanding your skills portfolio‚ you increase your self-esteem and gain a sense of pride from your achievements.

My career goal is achieved through this website!I learned many technical aspects of how to create a website through a training programme called Wealthy Affiliate.

The best thing about wealthy affiliate is that they help you when things go wrong especially at the beginning when you are not quite sure what you are doing!

There is a strong community of members who motivate each other!

Also there is a site support team who are great when you make mistakes,they help to fix them and this happened to me on numerous occasions!

They have great training videos that helped me a lot!We give each other feedback that helps to improve our websites,good feedback is essential!

Studies show that using your skills makes you happier; learning new skills boosts the body’s natural production of dopamine (you know, the feel good hormone!).

The exercise of learning itself stimulates the brain and helps to keep your mind sharp.

Learning something new in one area can have a ripple effect in others‚ contributing to longevity and good health in later life.

Learning is a process of self-improvement‚ allowing you to reflect on who you are and to add more dimensions to your capability‚ character and interests.

When you acquire new knowledge‚ you often want to share this knowledge with others.

I dont know if you know this but I just acquired some new knowledge the other day about a new type of phone charger,it is called a mobile phone charger.

My husband Brendan bought it to bring on holiday’s to use on the plane.It is going to be very handy what do you think?

A mobile phone charger my husband Brendan bought for our holidays

The process of passing on knowledge in this way brings you closer to others.

Learning transforms who we are as people‚ not just because it gives us knowledge we otherwise would not have had‚ but also because it gives us confidence in our ability and transforms our attitudes as a result.

With the power of learning we have the ability to do whatever it is we want!

What do you want your life to look like?

Find the balance between what’s realistic and what’s possible.

The road to happiness and fulfillment in life is not a straight line so consider alternate routes!

7.Music makes you feel better

Whether you’re performing it or listening to it, music can increase your happiness as well as the happiness of those around you because it lifts your spirits up!

Music has the power to do so much.

It can make you feel happy, sad, excited or even pumped up.

Listening to music that hits you in a special way causes your brain to release dopamine which is known as a feel good chemical.

It causes us to feel emotions like happiness, excitement, joy, etc.

Listening to music provides us with the same burst of happiness that we would get from eating a piece of chocolate.

Music has been found to boost the immune systems of patients after surgeries, lower stress in pregnant women and decrease the blood pressure and heart rate in cardiac patients, thus reducing complications from cardiac surgery.

Music has touched cultures all over the world since very early times in human history.

Whether it’s the music that we listen to on the way to work, while we workout, or the music we hear in a  film, it can bring up our moods,or tell us a story.

The beautiful thing is, everyone’s taste in music is different so no matter what music you make, you’re likely to find someone who will appreciate it.

Music is capable of a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness, changing moods, accessing different states of mind, developing the brain and is useful in meditation which has a ton of health benefits.

8.Get physical


Cycle Through Tropical Scenery – or indoor walking, treadmill and cycling workouts

Exercise isn’t just good for our bodies, it’s good for our minds.

Studies show that regular physical activity increases happiness and self-esteem, reduces anxiety and stress, and can even lift symptoms of depression.

Exercise may very well be the most effective instant happiness booster of all activities.

When we walk, run, bike or engage in some other form of physical exercise, we generally seem to feel happier and less anxious.

In addition to increased energy, physically active people  feel a sense of accomplishment in meeting personal fitness goals and also, they may feel proud of their improved physical appearance.

When you start working out and achieving goals you never thought possible, you’ll feel an incredible sense of accomplishment.

And that can do wonders for your happiness.

Staying active on a regular basis has been shown to improve sleeping problems of insomniacs.

And research shows that people who begin exercising regularly report that their sleep quality improves significantly changing their diagnosis from poor to good sleeper.

Next time you’re feeling down, stressed or anxious, go get some exercise.

Because not only does exercise change your body for the better, it can also change your outlook on life to a more positive one.

You’ll be happier and healthier because of it.

How To Control Your Moods & Achieve Your Goals

 9.Animals make us happy


100 Simple Secrets Why Dogs Make Us Happy: The Science Behind What Dog Lovers Already Know

Pet owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels,less stress, depression, and loneliness than those who don’t own pets.

Pet ownership tends to prompt people to adopt a multitude of healthy behaviors.

The responsibility gives pet owners purpose and makes them feel needed, improving their senses of self worth.

It also forces them to get off the couch and go for a walk every now and then, boosting both health and happiness.

There’s something incredibly comforting about coming home and being greeted with wet, slobbery licks and a wagging tail!

Pets are loyal, nonjudgmental and full of unconditional love. Who could ask for anything more?

Try to see the positive things that have happened in your life since you have had diabetes and note them down on paper.

Put the paper or card in a place where you see it, or remind yourself of those positive things every day.

If you have any information,questions, or feedback you would like to include in this post.

Please email momo19@diabetessupportsite.com or leave your comments below.


Advantages Of Being A Diabetic


Inspirational “One Small Positive Thought” Black Ink Coffee Cup

Diabetes, like any other disease or health condition, has the potential to make us grow.

That does not mean that it is not sometimes very hard to live with diabetes,however having a lot of negative emotions and thoughts about our diabetes is clearly not going to get us out of this situation.

On the contrary, it would surely worsen it!

Trying to “fight” diabetes is surely not the best way to deal with it,i think  the best concept is to believe that whatever you’re doing to treat your illness is helping you overcome it.

We should  listen to the advice given to us by our doctor on medication, diet and exercise and educate ourselves on all aspects of diabetes.

No matter how negative you perceive your life right now, there is surely something you can be grateful for.

Start there and see how, little by little, you’ll think of more things to be grateful for.

For a long time I used to think of diabetes as a negative thing in my life but over the years I have come to realise that it has brought me positive things too.

So here are some good things about having diabetes. (Please note there is a difference between saying having diabetes is a good thing, and that there can be good things about having diabetes.)

1.You are more in touch with your body.

Having diabetes means not only knowing what your blood sugar levels are every day, but “reading” your body and recognizing when your sugar levels may be too low and paying attention to changes in your vision, feeling in your fingers and toes, energy level, body weight, and more.

You have more insight into how you react to certain stimuli, because you have to know how your body’s going to react to anything you put into it

Being more aware of your body and its changes allows you to recognize when something may be amiss and to take action before the situation progresses, such as complications associated with diabetes.

2.You are encouraged to try new foods.


Healthy Eating Guide for Adults & Children – The Show ‘N Tell E-Z Nutrition Fun Facts Pack – Set of Guidebook and Flash Cards – Great Eat Right Education Tool for Parents & Teachers – Show Kids How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits – Flashcards Help Toddlers, Boys & Girls Learn while Playing & Having Fun

Chances are you were advised to make some significant dietary changes when you were diagnosed with diabetes. Rather than viewing the diagnosis as the time to eliminate favorites from your menu, consider how to adopt some new foods to take their place.

It’s not about never eating ice cream again; it’s about trying and discovering new desserts.

As people with diabetes, our emphasis is on food consumption as science.

We know that good, wholesome food in its natural state brings health to everyone.

We become better at making proper food choices.

Make a list of new foods that are good for diabetes and try one new one each week.

3.You can make new friends.

Millions of people have diabetes, and there are support groups like this website where you can share your fears, concerns, ideas, recipes, and other topics about diabetes.

4.You are encouraged to exercise more.

Let’s face it: it can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise, and having diabetes is an important reason to get up and move.

You don’t have to exercise alone: bring along a friend, join an aerobics class, walk during lunch, find a diabetes support group where members get together and exercise.

5.You can learn new cooking skills.


The Diabetic Cookbook: 100 Diabetic Friendly Easy to Cook Recipes: Volume 1

There’s no shortage of books or websites on easy recipes for diabetes. You can learn new ways to prepare old favorites as well as how to incorporate foods low on the glycemic scale into your daily menu.

6.You can politely avoid food.

Whenever you want to avoid eating something someone has made  you can say, “I can’t eat that because of my diabetes.”

On long haul flights overseas, by letting the airline know that you need a diabetic meal, you get served first and often the food is better than what the general public are getting!

7.You can get healthier.

Having diabetes means, by definition, that you have a health problem. But with that said, the work that goes into managing diabetes can actually improve your wellbeing in other ways.

If you follow the diet, weight loss, exercise, and stress management advice for people with diabetes, you can improve not only your management of diabetes, but your overall health as well.

Managing diabetes means going to your doctor for regular checkups and screenings.

It means eating fewer refined and processed carbohydrates.

It means not smoking, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight.

While diabetes certainly has the potential to wreak havoc on your health, it also forces you to pay attention to it.

Getting regular blood tests we are able to catch other issues before they become too big (cholesterol being a good example).
Having diabetes encouraged me to keep up healthier habits than many non-diabetic people.

8.You can become more disciplined.

Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes forced me to become more responsible and accountable for myself before my peers.

If you want to live a full, healthy life with diabetes, then you need to follow the advice of your healthcare providers.

That requires discipline, and that’s a skill that comes in handy in nearly every aspect of your life: at home or work, learning new skills, and as an example for your family and friends.

9.Your family can get healthier.

If you need to follow a more healthful diet and lifestyle, why not make it a family affair? That way everyone can benefit from a more balanced and nutritious diet, regular exercise, and weight control. Everyone wins.

10.You can be a positive role model.

Following a healthy eating program, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and paying attention to your overall health on a daily basis are excellent lessons for people.

Your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors may benefit from seeing your positive ways of coping with and managing diabetes.

You could be an inspiration for others and help them deal with diabetes.

Diabetes has helped me find my voice. I have learned to fight for myself as well as others!

11.An increased tolerance for needles

Being diagnosed with diabetes makes your tolerance for needles go way up.

12.Business ideas

Living with diabetes makes you an expert in living with diabetes, and that in turn can give you business ideas (or job opportunities) that someone without diabetes might not have.

Just by talking the language of diabetes every day, you will be more familiar with medical terminology than the average person.

This gives an advantage in any health care related job and in science subjects.

Plenty of people have used their personal experience to launch diabetes-inspired businesses, like this website.

13.Giving me the Motivation to Be the Best I Can Be


5 Life Is 10 What Happens To Me And 90 Of How I React To It Motivational Inspirational Love Life Quote Words Belive Determination Best Color Photo Picture Unique Print A4 Wall Poster

You get some great life skills,its a life long condition that requires lots of patience, persistence and strength of will to manage.

It makes you become a stronger person and overcome obstacles .
Diabetes taught me at an early age how to persevere using strength and determination to overcome adversity, to get back on my feet when setbacks occur.

14.Learning Compassion for Others—as Well as for Myself

When someone around me exhibits troubling behavior such as anger or an inability to concentrate,

I have compassion, realizing that this behavior could be physical in origin—the result of illness such as diabetes,family or work problems, hunger, tiredness,or even a vitamin deficiency .


If you have any information,questions, or feedback you would like to include in this post.

Please email momo19@diabetessupportsite.com or leave your comments below.

Diabetes And Happiness

Balancing Diabetes: Conversations About Finding Happiness and Living Well

It’s easy to think health breeds happiness.

Not necessarily. researchers are learning that the connection between mental and physical health is more complex.

Good health doesn’t guarantee you a pair of rose-colored glasses.

And while people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes are more likely to become depressed, they don’t all become unhappy.

Everyday habits and choices can impact our well-being, especially with diabetes.

Blood sugars are closely tied with our emotions.

Chronic illness can present as an opportunity to make changes to a poor diet, smoking habits and lack of physical activity.


Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life

Optimism is a wonderful attribute a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Your mental state can help or harm your health. In fact, it may be that happiness breeds health!

The reasons for the health benefits of happiness aren’t hard to find. Emotions strongly affect the immune system.

Positive moods reduce stress-related hormones, increase immune function and promote the speedy recovery of the heart after exertion.

I had a lovely time today walking in the countryside around Mooncoin,I came across a lot of very pretty houses and gardens especially near a lovely nursery called Farrell’s nursery!

I stopped the car at the corner of a very pretty house!

The entrance to the very pretty house!

The pretty house had some lovely pink flowers that I admired!

Then I walked further down the road and I came across a sign for Farrell’s nursery!

I then decided to turn around to look at the other houses in the area before I ventured into Farrell’s nursery!

See below a selection of very attractive houses and gardens situated below Farrell’s nursery!

This is a lovely house up on a hill surrounded by hedges and a small tree!

Then I passed a lovely red berry tree!

I then came across one of the most gorgeous gardens I have ever seen!

See below a selection of photos! What do you think?

After viewing the fabulous garden above I came across another house which was very pretty also!

See below a picture of the pretty house!

I saw a number of houses and gardens below Farrell nursery,see below a selection of these houses and gardens!

After that I was feeling a bit tired as I had walked a lot that day around other areas in Mooncoin taking photos!

So I turned around and went back to Farrell’s nursery ,see below for the sign!

I was welcomed by two black dogs at the entrance to the nursery,initially I was a bit afraid of the bigger one but then I saw they were just like Hachi and Bruno my own two pets and I thought they are just two harmless pets!

See below a picture of the entrance to Farrell’s nursery and the two pets!

After meeting the two dogs a very kind friendly man asked me could he help me,I just said I wanted to promote his nursery on my website!

He then told me he was just starting off and there wasnt much plants in his two polytunnels yet!

I told him I didnt mind that I could take some photos of his lovely garden!

So I hope through this website this article will help him get a lot of visitors to his nursery as I think once the nursery is setup properly it will be great!

I think it could be the kind of nursery where he could sell potted plants,minature trees,small water features,hanging baskets,window boxes and garden features such as garden plaques,keyrings with garden logos and cards with garden designs!

How about you have you any good ideas to help this kind man that would make his start off nursery a success,cheap and cheerful is best!

See below a selection of lovely pictures of his garden!

Farrell’s nursery is going to be a lovely little nursery especially if you all could help him by coming up with some great ideas!

I think that if he put a sign in the village of Mooncoin which is only five minutes walk from his nursery more people would know about it and would go there for a visit!

After leaving Farrell’s nursery I took photos of more houses and gardens in the area!

See below a selection of houses and gardens,what do you think arent they lovely!

How about you I bet you have a lovely house and garden,or maybe you like houses and gardens in your area if so I would love if you would take a photo and put them in the comment section below!

Scientists and psychologists have known for some time that negative emotions harm health.

Negative emotions such as depression, fear, anger, and anxiety lead to a stress response in the body and release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

Negative emotions can increase cholesterol, inflammation, and the risk of heart disease.

Studies have shown that negativity can weaken the immune system, increase the risk of disease, and shorten your life span.

People who are in a healthier psychological state are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors.

They tend to exercise, eat healthfully, drink less alcohol, and are less likely to smoke.

What Is Happiness?


Happiness Explained: What human flourishing is and what we can do to promote it

In our daily life we constantly experience happiness and unhappiness, but we are still quite ignorant as to what happiness really is.

Everywhere there are many who hope to win the lottery some day; they think that this way they will find happiness.

Some in fact do win. However, this does not bring them the happiness for which they yearn so much.

Research suggests, more money doesn’t bring us more happiness,people who prioritize material things over other values are much less happy, and comparing ourselves with people who have more is a particular source of unhappiness.

People value time with family and friends more than money and material things!

I think that people love to learn new things like I loved creating this website!

We went out to lunch on Sunday with my Inlaws for my mother-in-law’s birthday!

We had a lovely time,first we went to Clonmel for a bite to eat and then headed off to Dungarvan for a look around the town!

The lunch was good value,with plenty of food on the plates.

The best thing to remember is that people are very nice when you get to know them!

People are really just looking to be loved!I hope you understand that I would like to help people as much as I can!

People are lovely and kind inside if only they would relax and enjoy themselves!

People dont realise that life is for enjoyment and helping each other not for competing against each other!

People are great at putting each other down but not so good at uplifting each other!

People need to support each other more by being kind to each other,listen to each other,show affection,help out in difficult times!

People also need to love themselves more by being kind to themselves by stopping negative thoughts and by focusing on positive thoughts!

People need to know that this life is wonderful if only we all started to love ourselves and love each other!

When we went to Dungarvan we saw loads of people enjoying themselves on the seafront and that was nice!

Life can be wonderful but without family and friends it can be lonely!So remember it’s really important to love each other especially when times are hard!

Research suggests that happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life (for example, finding meaning in your work) and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Happiness is a feeling of contentment, that life is just as it should be.

Our individual needs vary based on our genetics, how we were raised, and our life experiences.

That complex combination is what makes each of us unique, both in our exact needs, and in every other aspect of what makes us the person we are.

You have the ability to control how you feel—and with consistent practice, you can form life-long habits for a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

The secret of happiness

Secrets of True Happiness

The secret of happiness lies in building a strong inner self that no trial or hardship can ruin.

Happiness for anyone—man or woman—does not come simply from having a formal education, from wealth or from marriage.

It begins with having the strength to confront and conquer one’s own weaknesses.

Only then does it become possible to lead a truly happy life.

Happiness doesn’t exist in the past or in the future. It only exists within our state of life right now, here in the present, as we face the challenges of daily life.

Happiness is not a life without problems, but rather the strength to overcome the problems that come our way.

There is no such thing as a problem-free life; difficulties are unavoidable. But how we experience and react to our problems depends on us.

Absolute happiness is something we must find within. It means establishing a state of life in which we are never defeated by trials, and where just being alive is a source of great joy. This persists no matter what we might be lacking, or what might happen around us.

True happiness is found in a life of constant advancement.

Look at your situation, not with despair, but for opportunity.

We all have our own special skills and talents,share your knowledge and experience the joy of learning and teaching.

A sense of purpose is what drives happy people ,life can either be something you embrace or something you hide from.

Happy people appreciate the life they have and value each minute of every day and live like there’s no tomorrow and make the most out of any situation.

For more great Health and Nutrition Tips refer to the website positivehealthwellness.com

7 Easy Ways To Do Self-Care

Happy people see each moment as a challenge, where they can learn more about their true selves and continue to grow.

These people dare to dream and work hard to get where they want to be.

They realize life is what you make of it, and although life can throw you some awfully big blows, these types of people do not let bumps in the road deter them from reaching their goals.

They do not look at what they are missing in life, rather, they appreciate the fortunes that they do have.

Happiness is not having what you want; it’s wanting what you have!

“My Wish For You”

I wish for you
Comfort on difficult days,
Smiles when sadness intrudes,
Rainbows to follow the clouds,

Laughter to kiss your lips,
Sunsets to warm you heart,
Gentle hugs when spirits sag,

Friendship to brighten your being,
Beauty for your eyes to see,
Confidence for when you doubt,

Faith so you can believe,
Courage to know yourself,
Patience to accept the truth,
And “LOVE” To complete your life.

Advantages Of Being A Diabetic


Inspirational “One Small Positive Thought” Black Ink Coffee Cup

Diabetes, like any other disease or health condition, has the potential to make us grow.

That does not mean that it is not sometimes very hard to live with diabetes,however having a lot of negative emotions and thoughts about our diabetes is clearly not going to get us out of this situation.

On the contrary, it would surely worsen it!

Trying to “fight” diabetes is surely not the best way to deal with it,i think  the best concept is to believe that whatever you’re doing to treat your illness is helping you overcome it.

We should  listen to the advice given to us by our doctor on medication, diet and exercise and educate ourselves on all aspects of diabetes.

No matter how negative you perceive your life right now, there is surely something you can be grateful for.

Start there and see how, little by little, you’ll think of more things to be grateful for.

For a long time I used to think of diabetes as a negative thing in my life but over the years I have come to realise that it has brought me positive things too.

So Click Here To  Read About Some Good things about having Diabetes.

(Please note there is a difference between saying having diabetes is a good thing, and that there can be good things about having diabetes.)

How To Be Happy With Diabetes


Express Gratitude.
Express Gratitude, Experience Good: A Daily Gratitude Journal

 Express Gratitude.

Counting your blessings can take your mind out of the default negative-thinking mode and help you practice positivity.

Before you get out of bed each morning thinks of things you are grateful for.

Focus away from what your chronic condition is taking out of your life and toward what’s possible.

Start the day by asking yourself: “What’s new today? What can I do today that I didn’t do yesterday?”

People who keep “gratitude journals” feel more optimism and greater satisfaction with their lives.

And research shows that writing a “gratitude letter or card” to someone you’ve never properly thanked brings a major boost of happiness.

Click Here To Read More

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