Cost-Saving Strategies For Diabetes Medication

Cost-Saving Strategies For Diabetes Medication

1.Follow Healthy Habits

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Eating well and exercising more can often reverse Type 2 diabetes, or at least reduce your need for medication

Even small health tweaks can pay huge dividends. In one study, people at high risk of diabetes who lost 7% of their body weight through dietary changes and exercise reduced their diabetes risk by 58%.

Under your doctor’s advice, you may be able to delay the need for pricey prescriptions and daily home blood sugar testing with smart lifestyle changes.

Losing weight, eating more foods packed with certain nutrients—including fiber and omega-3s—and exercising at least a few times a week can steady blood sugar levels to a point where you may not need medication or can start on a lower dosage.

Exercise of just 30 minutes daily has been shown to maintain weight or even cause weight loss.

And exercise can increase insulin sensitivity, meaning less insulin is needed to control your blood sugar.

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Exercise can be fun, and varying the exercise type can make exercise more interesting on a day-to-day basis.

Start with simple stretches, walks, jogging stationary in one spot, and/or lifting cans of soups as weights.

Also, extra calories can be burned while doing housework chores: dance to music while you vacuum or wash dishes, or walk your dog rather than simply letting your dog out in the back yard or garden.

No need for fancy equipment or spandex outfits!

Exercise does not have to mean going to a gym and paying monthly fees.

Web-based free exercise programs can entertain while making exercises enjoyable. Try it!

Some herbs and even foods such as aloe fenugreek, parsley, rosemary,  and almond nuts may help to control blood sugars.

Spices can make vegetables more interesting without adding salt.

Limiting foods such as rice and pasta, sweets and sodas can lower blood sugars.

Work with your doctor to set healthy weight and blood sugar goals—and meet them.

Consider working with a nutritionist or following an eating and exercise plan tailored to blood sugar control.

11 Practical Ways To Overcome Overeating

2.Using Generic rather than Brand-name Medications

Using Generic rather than Brand-name Medications

Title: How to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs

Using generic rather than brand-name medications typically lowers your cost of prescription medications.

What Are the Ways Generics Are the Same as Brand-Name Drugs?

The FDA requires a generic drug to meet standards that make sure it’s the same basic product as the brand-name drug. That means the generic drug is safe and can be taken:

The same way as a brand-name drug

For the same reason as a brand-name drug

For the FDA to approve a generic drug, it must be the same as the brand-name product in its:

1.Active ingredient


3.Use and effect

4.Form of dosage (for example a pill, inhaler, or liquid)

5.Ability to reach the required level in the bloodstream at the right time and to the same extent

6.Testing standards

How Are Generics Different From Brand-Name Drugs?

Some differences between generics and brand-name drugs are allowed. These differences may change the appearance of the drug. But they do not affect how it works or its safety.

Generic drugs may differ in:




4.Labeling (minor differences only)

Generic drugs are allowed to have different inactive ingredients than brand-name drugs. For example, they may have a different:



The inactive ingredients in a generic, though, must be considered safe by the FDA.

Generic drugs may also have a different expiration date than brand-name drugs. But even so, the generic must keep its effectiveness until its expiration date, just as required of a brand-name product.

Why Are Generic Drugs Cheaper Than Brand-Name Drugs?


Understanding Value Based Healthcare

You may be wondering how a generic drug can be sold at a much lower price than a brand-name drug.

The difference in price has to do with the different costs that drugmakers have in bringing generics and brand-name drugs to the pharmacy shelf.

Making a new drug is expensive for a drugmaker. A manufacturer’s costs for the launch of a new drug include money for:

2.Large-scale drug testing
3.Advertising, marketing, and promotion

The FDA has tried to balance the rights of the maker of brand-name drugs to recoup its investment with the rights of patients to have access to lower cost generic drugs.

To help a drugmaker recover its costs, new brand-name drugs are given patent protection when they are first sold.
The patent gives a drugmaker exclusive rights to produce and sell the drug for a limited time.

The average time a brand-name drug is protected by the patent after it hits the market is 12 years.

When the patent ends, other companies are allowed to make and sell a generic version.

The generic drugmaker’s costs are relatively low because the product has already been developed and tested by the brand-name company.

So makers of generic drugs can pass the savings along in the form of lower prices to pharmacies, and ultimately, to us.

The competition among multiple companies producing a generic version of a drug also helps keep the price low.

3.Take advantage of Discounts via Coupons and Loyalty Programs


Empowering the Patient: How to reduce the cost of healthcare and improve its quality

There are many things you can do as part of your regular shopping routine to save money. For example:

1.Watch the ad flyers or coupon books coming to you in the mail from your Pharmacy.

2.Keep an eye on  diabetes supplies websites for digital coupons you can print or save on your phone.

3.Ask if your pharmacy has a loyalty program. A higher volume customer, such as a person with diabetes, can often get frequent discounts on general merchandise or even prescription medications.

4.Clip coupons.  For example, some coupons may offer deals like receiving a free meter with the purchase of 100 test strips.  Some drug stores  publish their own health magazines frequently found by the pharmacy counter.

5.Contact diabetes supply companys.  Tell them you’d like to try out their products and ask them to send you some samples.

6.Buy a medical alert bracelet on eBay.
7.Purchase medications online.  Online pharmacies sell prescriptions at reduced costs.Web resources can offer less costly supplies, such as meters and strips–but make sure these are reliable sources–speak with your doctor and/or diabetes educator as to whether these are reliable websites.

8.Purchase multiple prescriptions at once.  The cost may be reduced if you buy in bulk.

9.Ask your diabetes educator or doctor for samples.  This is especially helpful if you are trying a new product or medication.

10.There are many companies that utilize focus groups to learn consumer opinions about products and services.  People with diabetes are often requested.Contact local companies that perform market research to register, and you can be compensated for your opinions.

11.Be sure to use products before their expiration date so there is no waste.

12.For more information on how to save money on diabetes management supplies, make an appointment with  your diabetes nurse educator.

13.Apply Now to Receive Your Share Exciting Government Grant Programs.

Click Here for a free Ebook about the funding that’s now available to you!

4.Become Best Friends with your Pharmacist And Doctor

Become Best Friends with your Pharmacist And Doctor

Critical Decisions: How You and Your Doctor Can Make the Right Medical Choices Together

He/She can help you find cost-saving programs and get more out of your medications.

Most of us breeze in and out of the pharmacy without taking the time to say hi to the pharmacist, let alone stop and ask questions.

That’s a huge mistake,  the pharmacist may be one of the most reliable sources of information about managing diabetes you have.

He/She can tell you, say, whether a drug you’re prescribed is available as a generic or can be safely split for a cheaper dose.

He/She may also be able to counsel you about timing your medications for better efficacy—some work better when taken a few minutes before a meal; others are more effective when you take them right when you start eating.

These seemingly small tweaks can impact how well your medications work over time—and eliminate the need for you to manage the condition with costlier options.

You can also save a bundle by asking your pharmacist about drug assistance programs and community resources.

In many cases,he/ she may be more in the loop about these issues than your doctor.

Make a habit of saying hello and letting  him/her know how you’re doing every time you visit.

Ask for free samples from your doctor

Most doctors have access to them—especially newer, more pricey drugs

If you’re struggling with your health bills, don’t be shy about letting your doctor know.

These days, you’re far from alone, and many offices are increasingly willing to help patients on a budget.

If your doctor can give you a month or two of samples, it can save some money.

Remember that your doctor is your ally in this—he or she wants you to get well.

If you are thinking of making a change in your treatment regimen, give your doctor a call to brainstorm solutions.

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