Can Diabetes be Cured?


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In general, we do not consider that diabetes can be cured once it has been diagnosed.

Some people with type 2 diabetes can reverse diabetes by lifestyle adjustment such as a healthy diet and exercise without the use of medications .

However, the tendency to manifest high blood sugar again is always present if the person is under significant metabolic stress, such as that caused by medications, severe illness, injury, regaining lost weight, cessation of exercise, aging, etc.

Therefore we consider that diabetes can be under excellent control or in remission, but we do not usually use the word cured.

Even people with type 1 diabetes who have undergone successful pancreas or islet transplantation and no longer require insulin therapy cannot be considered cured.

There is a significant possibility that their diabetes will one day come back for a variety of reasons, including rejection of the transplant or a renewed attack on the transplanted islet tissue by the persons immune system.

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