Vitamins, Minerals And Natural Supplements That Help Lose Weight

Vitamins, Minerals And Natural Supplements That Help Lose Weight

essential vitamins and minerals

The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements

Your body needs a certain amount of essential vitamins and minerals to function properly.

Taking vitamin and mineral supplements in addition to a balanced daily diet can give your body the nutritional support it needs for optimal metabolism.

There are specific vitamins, minerals, and all-natural supplements that can help you lose weight.

Vitamins and minerals act as catalysts, speeding up reactions which can result in weight loss.

Many of the vitamins which support metabolism and weight loss are water-soluble.

This means that they are not stored in great quantities in the body.

Therefore, to get the greatest benefit of vitamins for weight loss, you must be sure to eat a daily balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

With minerals, it may take your body some time before you begin to see results.

It is essential to follow the suggested usage guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplements.

The temptation may be that more is better for weight loss and health.

However, large amounts of any nutrient can potentially cause negative health impacts.

In addition, some vitamins and minerals may have adverse drug interactions.

Consult your doctor before adding any nutritional supplement to your diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

This has long been associated with weight loss, and is said to help you feel more full when you drink it, therefore allowing you to eat less, or have fewer cravings.

It’s definitely all natural because it’s made from pressed apples. When taken in small amounts there are few side effects linked to it.

If you do end up taking it you don’t have to go overboard.

Success was reached in a study in Japan in which the participants who lost the most weight only consumed 30ml of it per day.

You definitely don’t need to drink copious amounts of it to feel fuller and see the benefits.

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How Does Vinegar Reduce Body Fat?

B Vitamins 

B Vitamins

Innopure® Vitamin B-Complex | Contains 100% RDA of all Eight B Vitamins in 1 Daily Tablet | 120 Tablets, 4 Months Supply

Here’s the lineup of B Vitamins that you get in a complex: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12.

You don’t have to go overboard on these, especially if you don’t have a deficiency in any one of them.

You can take them singly if it’s discovered that you’re lacking in only a few.

There are plenty of ways that these vitamins help the body in all of its processes, and a lack of them will trip up your weight loss efforts.

The B vitamins are essential for metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B12 aids in red blood cell formation.

Red blood cells deliver oxygen to the body.

If you exercise to lose weight, an increase in red blood cells can increase your endurance by increasing your body’s efficiency in producing energy.

Vitamin B2 helps the body use oxygen more efficiently.

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Chia seeds

Organic Chia Seeds (1 Kilogram) | Highest Quality Available | Certified Organic by the Soil Association | By MySuperfoods

Chia seeds have high levels of Omega-3.

It provides a non-fish oil way of introducing more omega-3 into the body, and also contains healthy amounts of alpha-Linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that is often added to healthy diets.

Chia seeds are pretty easy to incorporate into your diet, since they don’t have a distinctive flavour and aren’t like a typical seed that you have to crunch up, you can basically sprinkle them on anything you want and enjoy the benefits they bring.



Cauliflower Cookbook: Top 50 Most Delicious Cauliflower Recipes (Superfood Recipes Book 17)

It’s possible to have a choline deficiency, so this is one nutrient that you want to make sure you’re getting enough of.

Natural sources of choline include cauliflower and other veggies in the cruciferous family.

Eggs and lean meats are also good sources.

You can also get it in supplement form, although it’s always best to get it through food so that your body processes it naturally and can easily get rid of what it doesn’t need.

It also increases brain and memory function!

Chromium Picolinate

Solgar, Chromium Picolinate, 500 mcg, 120 Veggie Caps

The theory behind this compound is that it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces cravings, and should lead to weight loss.

Stabilized blood sugar levels means more energy throughout the day, and fewer crashes.

And reduced cravings mean that you’ll feel less deprived when on a diet, and more satisfied overall with the foods you’re eating.

It’s meant to act as an aid in weight loss, not to cause you to drop pounds on its own.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil
Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Coconut oil for weight loss is the best fat to choose, due to the healthy medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCTs) that boost metabolism for immediate energy.

As a bonus, the MCTs in coconut oil don’t end up as stored body fat like longer chain fatty acids sometimes can.

Countries that consume high amounts of coconut and coconut oil in their diets such as the Philippines, India, and the Pacific Islands have significantly fewer cases of heart disease and obesity .

Coconut oil naturally solidifies at 76F so it is best to liquify it in hot water before consuming as a weight loss aid.

Alternatively, you can simply eat the coconut oil and let it liquify in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

Twenty minutes before mealtime is the best time to take your coconut oil as it will significantly reduce appetite and help you to feel full more quickly and be satisfied with smaller portions.


10 Amazing Nutrition Facts About Coconut Oil

Coenzyme Q10

Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement.
Life Extension Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 (100mg, 60 Softgels)

CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is a chemical compound made naturally in our bodies, it has extremely powerful antioxidant, anti inflammatory and anti aging qualities.

It is important to supplement your levels of CoQ10 as you age, this is because you produce less and often quantities are inadequate for our cells to function properly.

When supplementing Coenzyme Q10 be sure to know what you are buying.

There are two distinct types of CoQ10 that you can take orally, Ubiquinone is the most common and the cheaper of the two, it is also the one you want to avoid altogether due to its inability to be absorbed.

Ubiquinol CoQ10 is the most effective supplement to enhance CoQ10 levels within your cells, yes it is the more expensive one, but it is far better than money wasted with a pill that is not bioavailable.

Ubiquinol CoQ10 and Weight Loss go hand in hand due to CoQ10’s integral role in the production of cellular energy.

As an addition to your weight loss routine or diet regimen, CoQ10 may be just the extra boost you need to achieve substantial, long term weight loss benefits.

By increasing cellular energy production CoQ10 is quite literally increasing your energy, allowing for increased stamina when working out and less of a chance you will become out of breath when climbing a flight of stairs.

When our CoQ10 levels are inadequate the food we consume is less likely to be converted into energy, it is often used to build up fatty deposits.

Between increased fat build up, loss of energy and increased blood glucose levels it is almost certain you will gain weight.

Add this super supplement to your daily routine and it will allow your cells to have a fighting chance , they will burn fat passively and supercharge our ability to proactively lose weight through exercise and diet.

Remember, when looking for a CoQ10 supplement for weight loss, look for Ubiquinol.

If you cannot find a description of the type of CoQ10 you are purchasing on the bottle, avoid it altogether and opt for the clearly labeled Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement.

Green Tea Extract 

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract by Nutravita – UK Manufactured High Quality 90 Capsules – Natural Formula Purest high strength green tea for maximum effect

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of drinking green tea, mostly for its antioxidants.

But recently green tea extract has been making the news as an effective weight loss supplement for its ability to increase your metabolism.

It’s been shown to change the form of your fat at a molecular level so that it can use them for fuel.

And since its derived from green tea there are few instances of adverse reactions, and it has been shown to have anti-cancer properties and other positive qualities.



Lugols Iodine – a 12% Solution 30ml

Iodine is supposed to help with the thyroid gland, which in turn helps to regulate how your body functions and will help you lose weight when it’s working properly.

If your thyroid is out of whack, you’ll have a tougher time slimming down because your metabolism will also be out of line, and you’ll retain more water.

Your thyroid needs certain levels of iodine in order to do its job, so a deficiency in this area will lead to poor performance.

10 Signs and Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency



★ L Carnitine 500mg 90 Tablets ★ #1 L-Carnitine, Weight Loss & Amino Acids Sports Supplement For Your Wellness, Nutrition And Weight Control ★ Appetite Suppressant Tablets ★ Fat Burners At Their Best ★ Made In UK, Risk Free ★ 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Aside from assisting in weight loss, this has a lot of benefits as an antioxidant and is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.

They say that it hasn’t been proven to cause weight loss on its own, but what it has been shown to do will help your efforts immensely.

It’s been shown to help maintain energy levels, increase your muscle mass, and decrease your fat mass, which most people would say will help lead to weight loss, and a more fit body over time.



High Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg (360 Capsules)

This fatty acid is the most widely known.

The reason they’re focused on so heavily is that the body doesn’t produce it, but it’s needed in order to have a proper metabolism.

Fish oil is the most commonly recommended way to supplement this.

The benefits of supplementing omega-3 are wide and varying, they include an improvement in heart health, increased metabolism, and overall anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Face Food Orange And Vitamin C

Getting a daily dose of vitamin C not only helps your body function properly, but it could aid in effective weight loss.

In fact, people who are deficient in vitamin C may have a harder time losing fat mass.

The recommended dietary allowance for vitamin C is 90 milligrams daily for men and 75 milligrams per day for women, according to the Institute of Medicine.

These amounts should be treated as minimum daily requirements.

Vitamin C-rich foods include red peppers containing 95 milligrams in 1/2 cup, orange juice providing 93 milligrams on each 3/4-cup portion, a medium orange with 70 milligrams and one medium grapefruit supplying 64 milligrams of vitamin C.

More vitamin C isn’t always better, even when you’re trying to shed pounds.

Ingesting too much vitamin C may affect the absorption of other nutrients — and could cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and nausea,

To help avoid side effects and potential health risks, adults should aim to ingest no more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily. That includes vitamin C from food and drink, as well as supplements.

Vitamin D

vit d

Az Natural Vitamin D3 5000 IU, Small Easy to Swallow Vegetarian Tablets – NO GELATIN, Full Years Supply to Boosts Energy, Relieve Aches and Pains, Helps Builds Muscle, Supports Bone Strength, For Optimum Immune System and Emotional Wellness

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most commonly unrecognized medical conditions and that deficiency negatively affects every cell in your body—including your fat cells.

it’s more than just a vitamin,it’s also a hormone, one that plays a role in a remarkable range of body processes.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it is stored in your body’s fat cells.

When you have adequate vitamin D levels, your body releases more leptin, the hormone that conveys a “we’re full, stop eating” message to your brain.

What Is Leptin Resistance?

When you have enough vitamin D in your bloodstream, fat cells slow their efforts to make and store fat.

Vitamin D can help you lose lard all over, but it’s particularly helpful for the pounds in the belly.

People trying to lose weight or who are overweight should get their vitamin D levels checked.

Difficulty losing weight can be a sign of vitamin D deficiency.

If you are deficient, a doctor may give you up to 10,000 international units to help normalize your levels.

The best way to naturally increase your vitamin D level is to get outside.

Just 10 to 15 minutes of direct sunlight can give you all the vitamin D you need.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Solgar 671 mg Vitamin E Softgels – Pack of 100

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient, providing support for a number of processes and functions.

It is also an antioxidant, that protects your body’s cells from damage from free radicals.

As a vital nutrient for healthy muscle creation and function, vitamin E can be useful for weight loss.

The recommended daily amount for vitamin E is 15 milligrams for adults.

As a fat-soluble vitamin, your body holds onto excess levels of vitamin E.

Vitamin E works with vitamin K to produce red blood cells as well as being necessary for muscle production and health.

Because of its role in red blood cell formation as well as muscle function, vitamin E could potentially improve your overall physical fitness performance.

As a consequence, vitamin E may be a beneficial supplement as part of a larger weight loss regimen.

Improved muscle function can help facilitate building lean muscle mass.

Vitamin E can be found in a number of foods, including dark, leafy greens, nuts and avocados.

Animal sources of vitamin E include eggs and liver.

Low levels of vitamin E can lead to a number of complications, including arthritis, depression and preeclampsia in women.

Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency include weak muscles, muscle loss and blurry vision or eye problems.

In prolonged cases, deficient levels of vitamin E can lead to kidney and liver complications.

If you are considering taking vitamin E supplements for weight loss purposes, or for other potential health benefits, let your doctor know in advance to avoid any possible complications with medication or preexisting conditions.



Chromium Max 1000mcg tablets (120 pack)

Chromium is one of the top minerals that help you lose weight.

It balances your blood sugar, reduces the rate of the rise and fall of insulin, changes how the body stores carbohydrates, and influences how hungry you are.

Supplementing diets with chromium helped dieters not only lose pounds, it helped eliminate unsightly, excess belly fat, as well.

Chromium helps fight cravings for carbohydrate-dense foods and sugar-filled snacks by promoting balanced blood sugar levels throughout the day.


Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex (400mg, 300 Capsules)

Magnesium is a mineral that is important for the nervous system, blood sugar, blood pressure, bones and digestive tract, to name a few.

Magnesium is responsible for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.

Magnesium is the miracle mineral due to its ability to help you sleep, reduce anxiety, get rid of headaches, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, balance hormones and so much more.

It can help relieve sore muscles after exercising , improve your energy levels and relax your gastrointestinal tract which is the first thing to be upset when you are stressed.

6 Signs You Might Have A Magnesium Deficiency


Swanson Zinc (Gluconate) (30mg, 250 Tablets)

Most of us think of the flu or colds when we think of this powerful mineral. What most don’t know is that zinc promotes hormonal balance in the body, especially testosterone.

It is important for women nearing menopause when their body produces less hormones.

The depletion case lead to weight gain for most women, and some men.

Zinc also helps protein production and assists with enzyme regulation.

It helps keep your immune system working efficiently.

By balancing your mood and increasing your libido, zinc supplementation can lead to weight loss.



Together Calcium Marine Multimineral Complex Tablets – Pack of 60

All of us have heard, at one time or another, that calcium is important to weight loss.

It fights fat and calms your nerves.

Calcium is vital for bone maintenance in the body and you need a stong skeletal system for a healthy metabolism.


Potassium 200mg / 100 Tablets

Potassium is a powerful mineral we all need to be consuming, but is also very important for weight management and loss.

Potassium is what keeps you from being bloated, helps fight that puffy feeling, and aids in proper muscle contraction.

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4 Essential Minerals to Optimize Thyroid Function

None of these supplements are a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

All of these add-ons work better when the body is getting the right foods, and is getting daily exercise, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk.


Foods that Beat Multivitamins

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